Influencer Marketing 101: Reaching Indian Audiences On IG

Today I’m going to talk about Influencer Marketing, which is becoming more and more important in business these days. At Quantified Commerce, I am constantly looking for ways to utilize influencers and reach Indian audiences on Instagram specifically. While there is no exact science to it, here is a brief look at influencer marketing and how I am utilizing this tactic at Quantified Commerce.

What Exactly is Influencer Marketing

Basically, influencer marketing is done by a business reaching out to someone with a lot of followers on social media who can help advertise a product to audiences already familiar with them. Businesses in general will target influencers who are at least somewhat connected to the type of business they have. For example, a sports company is likely to reach out to an athlete since they will have a lot of followers who might be interested in the product.

The beauty of influencer marketing is that it does not seem like a traditional advertisement. If done correctly and the pairing is found, it comes off as an endorsement just as much as it does an advertisement. For the business, it allows them to get a foot in the door of a very growing section of the Internet. More people than ever before are on Facebook and Instagram, and it is becoming very valuable for marketers to target social media.

Why Influencer Marketing is Taking Off in India

Influencer marketing in India has not exploded just yet, but it seems to really be taking off and ready to match other parts of the world. One reason why this is happening is because people like myself are really trying to bring digitally native brands into India. One of the best ways to advertise with those brands is to use influencers.

Seeing someone who is considered to be popular and knowledgeable in a certain field is going to make people less skeptical about certain products. Since a lot of people in India are just now warming up to the idea of purchasing products online, getting this little bit of extra push from an influencer could make the difference.

How India is Using Influencer Marketing

Most people compare influencer marketing to visual merchandising for users. By allowing the person to really see what it is that they are about to purchase, they can feel a lot more confident about where their money is going. Actually seeing the product being used by an influencer shows why it is needed as well.

It is always important to note that other countries have used influencer marketing in the same ways, only they did so a few years ago. Many of the techniques that we are using in India are just borrowed from other countries since they went through their own boom slightly earlier.

Some of India’s Top Influencers to Follow

So now that I have talked about influencer marketing quite bit, some people might be wondering what exactly makes an influencer? Sometimes it is simply a celebrity, but other times there are people who have made themselves into authorities in certain areas. This seems to really be the case when it comes to fashion and beauty products. Here is a look at some examples of influencers in India people are comfortable turning to.

Bhumika Thakkar – She has parlayed her passion for beauty, fashion and lifestyle into a true career as an influencer. While she mostly does blogging on these topics, she has also appeared in some videos recently. Her writing has been picked up by national publications, which helped her really grow her brand.

Dhwani Bhatt – She has a lot of similar passions as Thakkar, but focuses a lot on visual influencing on YouTube. Her channel has taken off in the last year, and she has already partnered with some great names and businesses to showcase her beauty and fashion tips in unique ways.

Shreya – Known by many for her “Beauty and the Best” blog, she likes talking about skin care and general beauty. She gives tips, but also does product reviews. With a positive message of creating a welcoming community, she continues to bring in quite a few visitors from India each month.

Check out my full list of influencers here: