Is Facebook The Best Video Advertising Platform?

Video consumption on the Internet is at an all-time high, and the trend is not fading any time soon. Simply put, not taking advantage of video advertising is a huge mistake in 2019 to generate attention for your business or brand. While video advertising is as big as ever worldwide, it has really spiked up in India. More and more people in India are finally getting access to smartphones, which means there is lot of room for growth in that country alone.

Since I work a lot with the Indian market, I have looked at all of the major video advertising platforms. I have recently shared with the likes of PC Mag and Adage India that I believe Facebook video advertising is the best overall option out there. Will companies jump on the trend and maximize profits?

Why You Need Video Advertising

In an era where information is key, video provides a lot of benefits. Don’t have time to read? A video is a quick way to process information. Now that smartphones are capable of playing high definition video at a moment’s notice, people are basically carrying around mini-televisions with them at all times. Companies have poured billions of dollars into advertising on television, so getting in front of the eyes of video watchers in 2019 is important.

Studies have shown that video advertising is also more successful than ads in articles or podcasts. That is because in many cases if you’re watching, the advertisements can be very interactive and stimulating, not because you think you have ADHD.

Finally, having video advertising for a business can simply help to add a face and voice to something. People are much more likely to make a purchase from a company if they trust them. The best way to build trust? Even a single video can help out quite a bit. It’s a great way to showcase exactly what a business is about and what it can bring to the table.

Why Facebook is Gaining Popularity

If you follow the news, one might think that Facebook is actually fading in popularity. There have been some negative stories involving Facebook in the last year or so, but on the video side of things, it is still thriving.

What makes Facebook different compared to nearly every other competitor is that the friend list is already built in. Since the friends list is built in, people are much more likely to share videos with all of their friends, or a few specific friends. Looking at YouTube, for example, and most people don’t have a robust friends list on that site. Everyone who uses Facebook has their friends list built up pretty well.

Facebook is also understanding just how big video is for their long term growth. That is why they continue to pour resources into that side of things. It might not be as popular as YouTube as far as pure video viewing is concerned, but from an advertising perspective, it is right there.

In the early days, it was pretty tough to imagine that Facebook would evolve into what it is today. Being able to interact while watching full videos with friends is a dream for video advertisers.

Should You Use Facebook Over YouTube? Or Both?

I have been singing the praises of Facebook throughout this article so far, but that does not mean that I am anti-YouTube. In fact, while Facebook is the best video advertising platform in my opinion, using both can be extremely beneficial. We are talking about two of the most popular websites in the world, so of course it makes sense to use both.

If a choice has to be made due to time or money, Facebook gets the slight nod over YouTube. However, I will always encourage people to use both. YouTube might not be as easy to share with close friends, but most people by default go to that website to find a video in particular. There are also a lot of affiliate opportunities with YouTube to capitalize in that way.