5 Smartphone Apps Certain To Make An Impact In 2019

As someone who works in business in both India and the United States, I am always checking out new technology. One my favorite types of technology is when I find smartphone apps that are actually useful for me.

Sometimes, a smartphone app just really takes up space on a person’s phone, other times they can be what saves the day! Here are five smartphone apps that are already making an impact in 2019.


In an ideal world, people would love to be able to speak multiple languages instantly. It is simply impossible, and people often find themselves shut out of deals or opportunities in business because they do not speak a certain language.

Duolingo is not going to instantly turn a person into someone who can speak five languages, but it is the best way to learn a new language on a phone. Give it a try and see how addicting it can actually be to learn a new language with its interactive techniques.

Dark Sky

The weather can change at any time. I have found that out the hard way, caught without an umbrella when it starts to pour down rain.

It is simply impossible to fully predict the weather, but Dark Sky does a good job of coming close. This weather app is very predictive in knowing what is going to happen, in very specific areas. Automatic alerts will keep a person dry and warm.


Out of all the music apps out there, I feel as though Spotify does it best. Spotify isn’t new to the app scene, but will continue to gain traction and make an impact in 2019. A person can listen to music or podcasts very easily, and even the free version with ads is tolerable (they don’t overwhelm with ads).

For many people, they are simply more productive when they have something on in the background. Whether that be music or someone else talking, it is the way to go.


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For me, I like being able to talk amongst the people I work with in a secure, private manner. No company should take the risk of their information getting compromised because they are using less secure applications.

Slack is designed for business owners, and companies have really flocked to it. With the ability to set up different channels for different conversations, it is a truly unique way to communicate quickly and efficiently in today’s world.


Taking notes is a very important task when having a meeting. The Evernote app makes note taking easy. It helps free up space, organize notes from the past, and more.

I personally find it great when on the go, because the old way of taking notes was just so tedious. It is a subscription based service, but it is worth the price for sure. I am personally constantly using the app to keep up with information I get.