About Agam

Agam Berry is a serial tech entrepreneur and one of the most notable digital marketers today. Agam Berry graduated from the Punjab University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree and shortly thereafter delved into the world of digital marketing with the aim of helping webmasters effectively monetize their unsold ad inventory, which Agam Berry identified as a big problem. Agam Berry has been a tech entrepreneur for over a decade now. Additionally, he is a successful serial tech entrepreneur, thought leader, as well as an industry leader.

With his vast experience in the digital marketing and tech space, Agam Berry helps online publishers sell their remnant ad inventory more effectively. To bring such inventory to market, Agam Berry uses direct response advertising, which is basically a highly analytical technique of producing sales for organizations. Agam Berry works closely with clients in every step of the process and more importantly, does everything it takes to achieve the set objectives and goals. Agam Berry enjoys meeting and working with clients. More importantly, he enjoys helping businesses succeed and boost their revenues.

Agam Berry’s Career History

One thing that differentiates Agam Berry from most of the other digital marketers is his vast experience and knowledge in the digital marketing space. Having been in the industry for more than 10 years now, Agam Berry understands the challenges that web publishers face when it comes to monetizing their unsold ad inventory.

From the time he became an entrepreneur, Agam Berry continues to strive to be a more productive and a better entrepreneur. Some of the things that Agam Berry is doing in order to achieve this goal include tracking progress, making lists, keeping track of deadlines, and anticipating any setbacks that may arise when he is working with my clients. Additionally, he is working on improving his negotiations skills. In fact, Agam Berry says he would tell his younger self to learn the art of negotiation quickly and more importantly, practice it whenever an opportunity presents itself, including everyday life situations. According to Agam Berry, effective negotiation skills are vital in the digital marketing space because they can help entrepreneurs make money as well as make sense of things. For this reason, every entrepreneur needs to learn how to be an effective negotiator. Agam Berry adds that his good negotiations skills have been an invaluable asset in his business, helping him win and retain some of his best clientele.

Of course, like most entrepreneurs, Agam Berry has experienced his fair share of failures too. In fact, he believes that setbacks help an entrepreneur grow. Despite the possibility of failure, Agam Berry encourages fledging entrepreneurs to invest in their businesses wholly, including investing in effective marketing strategies.

Agam Berry’s Industry Insights

According to Agam Berry, the digital marketing industry needs to open up faster and support the digital currency markets. He urges the digital marketing community to support cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin because the digital marketing industry can play a significant role in promoting the adoption and usage of such currencies. Agam Berry says that, while most the leaders of the digital industry are heavily invested and interested in digital currencies, they are yet to fully integrate everything.

Besides digital currencies, Agam Berry believes that analytics play a big role in the digital media space as well as his consulting method. According to him, analytics are important because data can help solve most of the challenges a business experiences. In fact, Agam Berry says that thanks to his analytical style of thinking, he is able to answer most of his clients’ questions.

Agam Berry’s Personal Insights

On a personal level, Agam Berry loves to read, especially self-help and motivational books. Some of Berry’s favorite books include The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma and The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. Agam says these books have had a positive in his personal as well as his professional life. For instance, he says that he has been incorporating the principles laid out in ‘The Greatness Guide’ in his professional and personal life since 2008. These principles have helped him become a better entrepreneur and person. Similarly, ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ is one of his favorite books because it motivated me to work harder and also taught him to live more and work less without necessarily losing any of the quality. Apart from reading, Agam Berry also enjoys playing and studying chess. In the recent past, he has been taking chess more seriously because it helps him keep his mind sharp.