Hi, I’m Agam Berry, a renowned serial entrepreneur and business man. I have been fortunate enough to share thoughts and industry insights in a number of interviews.  Among my most noteworthy interviews are Five Hundo, Know My Steez, Inspirey, and IdeaMensch.  Here are some highlights from my interviews.

Five Hundo

Five Hundo is a company that is invested in connecting the world with individuals who have remarkable ideas.  They do this in Five Hundred words or less, which is how the company’s name was created.  They specialize in sharing incredible ideas with the Internet marketing community.

During my Five Hundo interview, I spoke on topics like my future plans, my experiences working within the industry, how I remain motivated and my hobbies. In the interview, I mentioned my great interest in the game of chess.  The game encourages careful and strategic planning and anticipating the next move of your opponents.  This keeps my mind sharp and those skills can easily be translated into business skills.

Know My Steez

Know My Steez provides a hub for business owners and entrepreneurs to share stories of their achievement.  They conduct interviews with successful individuals who have mastered the art of combining “style with ease” (steez), which is a trait every entrepreneur has a certain degree of.

In the Know My Steez interview, I mention some of my inspirations and give my views on how social media has impacted the business world. I also made mention of the importance of having a business mentor, interacting with individuals who are smarter than you and networking. Being around people who will ask “the tough question” will help you to master “how to approach different obstacles.”


Launched in 2014, Inspirey is a place where entrepreneurs worldwide can tell their stories about how they got started, the challenges they have faced and their successful marketing strategies they have used to grow their businesses.

During my Inspirey interview, I was asked questions about how I make my money, my favorite aspect of my business, my current focus, a successful marketing strategy, challenges and inspirational books.  I mentioned that staying focus has been one of the keys to my success.  Learning to handle failures and pushing through them have also helped me to achieve success.  I credit “Third Circle Theory” by Pejman Ghadimi as one of my favorite books and tout it as a “must read” for every aspiring entrepreneur.


IdeaMensch is essentially a community made up of people with ideas, who are willing to share them with others and also learn from the contributions of other successful individuals.  The purpose of the website is to motivate action through the daily interviews they conduct, the community itself and the content.  The content is provided by real entrepreneurs who are willing to answer questions about their trials and triumphs as they journey through business ownership and achieve success.  The goal of IdeaMensch is not only to create the knowledge through their various interviews, but to share it with all who will find it beneficial.

In the interview with IdeaMensch, I spoke about the reason behind my decision to help digital entrepreneurs to achieve success.  I recounted the struggles and challenges I faced as a budding entrepreneur and how I had to overcome them without the benefit of help or guidance from anyone.

I decided to make it easier for other budding entrepreneurs by providing the help they need to deal with the struggles and navigate “the pitfalls to successful entrepreneurship.”  This allows business owners to more quickly revel in the benefits of being entrepreneurs.  This also provides a way for me to pay it forward.