7 Tools to Increase Your Website’s Speed

Know the importance of website speed!
For any person who owns a professional website, it is important to have a website that works properly and is fast to navigate. As soon as a person visiting sees that the website is subpar, it can have a negative effect.

There are a lot of different ways to increase the speed of a website. Specifically, there are tools to increase website speed readily available for those who might be struggling. Here is a closer look at seven of the best to try out.

Google Page Speed

This is a very simple tool for website owners and developers to use that gives feedback on performance. It runs a few different test to see how long visitors have to wait for primary content, how long it takes for a website to be completely loaded and more. It’s a free tool to use, And it obviously comes from a very trusted company.

Google Cache Checker

It’s important to know whether or not Google knows your website actually exists. That is why a lot of people use Google Cache Checker, but it also is helpful to know so that the website performs at a fast speed. If a site is down, a person will be redirected to the most similar website in Google cachet. This allows people to prevent themselves from getting lost in the shuffle.


This has always been a favorite of mine. It is a great page speed analysis tool, and it is an open source project that allows people to add new features all the time.

What I really like about it is that it can be used on just about any major web browser. It provides a wealth of information to sift through in order to make sure everything is working as it should.

Tiny PNG

Not everyone who owns a website understands that images need to be compressed to really speed up the loading times. Don’t be caught with images that just don’t keep up. Instead, have everything examined on the website to see what exactly needs worked on.

Tiny PNG can reduce the file size without compromising the quality of the image in a short amount of time.


Icons and fonts can also slow down a website if there’s too much going on. That is why IcoMoon might actually come in handy. What might not seem like a big deal can really start to add up if if a website is loaded with a bunch of different fonts in particular.

Don’t be afraid to make the small adjustments. It takes a short amount of time, and it really pays off on the users end.

Google Speed Scorecard

For those people who really don’t understand the importance of a fast website, Google tries to put everything in terms that are easy to understand. The impact calculator on the website will show just how much revenue a person is missing out by not having a fast website.

Obviously, some people are going to feel a bigger impact than others. It’s still extremely important to make even the slightest changes if possible.

Google Lighthouse

This is the tool that runs in Google Chrome is dev tools. It makes it very easy to check the numbers for website performance, do testing and make changes all in one tab. I usually recommend using as many tools available from Google as possible.

Agam Berry is a world-renowned serial tech entrepreneur and he is readily recognized as being among the most distinguished digital marketers around presently.