8 Digital Marketing Youtube Channels You Should Subscribe To

Agam Berry on His Top 8 Digital Marketing Youtube Channels You Should Subscribe To
Online marketing has become a core focus of many businesses, including small and medium scale businesses. One of the most popular ways of online marketing is the use of YouTube channels. This is a platform that allows businesses to share their video. Whether you are aspiring to become a marketer or looking to take your business to the next front, you certainly need to consider this incredibly popular hub. YouTube understands that every business needs to make itself popular and assert itself in ways that will give return to investment.

For those who are online marketers, YouTube Channels can be a powerful tool, especially if you know the right channel and how to deploy it to your advantage. One such great importance is that you get to know some underlying secrets of digital marketing in addition to the fact that these channels are linked to popular blogs. This comes with massive publicity and ability of your business to be visible to millions of internet users. World-renowned serial tech entrepreneur, Agam Berry, shares top 8 digital marketing youtube channels to subscribe to this 2019:

1. Moz.

For those working in the SEO world, Moz can be an amazing and powerful tool when it comes to providing useful information to help you fine-tune the visibility of your business on some of the best ranking search engines. With this channel, you access actionable tips from seasoned experts. You will get to forecast the future of your SEO and other important areas.

2. HubSpot

If your interest is on inbound marketing, HubSpot YouTube channel would prove extremely attractive to you. It will help you get the attention of your internet readers and help convert your viewers into leads and customers in the long run. It is not until your listen to keynote speakers online talk show hosts such as Seth Godin that you will appreciate the immense knowledge that this channel provides.

3. Unbounce

This software will optimize your conversion rate and help you optimize your ranking on search engines by placing your landing pages on the top. This YouTube channel gives you massive training videos to help bolster your conversation rates. With this channel, you become a stellar presenter in some of the leading conferences. If you are looking to ace your conversation rate and scale up your visibility, Unbounce is your one-stop choice.

4. Hootsuite

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a savvy online marketer, Hootsuite’s YouTube channel is designed to cater for every single user. From captivating social media tips to rich advice and business strategies, HootSuite has everything you can ever imagine. What makes this channel unique is the fact that you get some of the success stories and allows you access to social media trainings for every level.

5. Backlinko

When it comes to creating of great content, Backlinko’s YouTube channel could be the channel you need to turn around your website. The founder of Backlinko, Brian Dean shares some of his great experiences, especially in the SEO industry to help you navigate the turbulent search engines.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics cannot miss in any debate regarding digital marketing. With over 200,000 subscribers, Google Analytics ranks highly, helping you easily track your progress. It provides marketers with the opportunity to get up-to-date information regarding your online readers.

7. Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern’s YouTube channel focuses more on the qualitative perspective to marketing. It particularly focuses on the role of human psychology in marketing. He delivers incredible tips on marketing, behavioral marketing and growth in an interesting and entertaining way. Some of the areas to expect include learn include copywriting and credibility.

8. Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer’s YouTube channel is known to share extensively on digital marketing fronts using Facebook marketing tutorials. You get to view responses to questions from businesses of your kind. In addition, you can access videos that will go a long way in helping you comprehend Facebook advertising and how to optimize your visibility on Facebook.


Now that you know some of the YouTube channels, you need to stay ahead of the rest of your competitors by deciding which combination of channels to subscribe to. With time, you will surely become a better digital marketer by getting insights from some of the most experienced experts that the internet can offer.