6 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling Your Products On Amazon

Amazon is a company that certainly seems like it is taking over the world. Maybe not in a literal sense, but it is certainly changing how people look at e-commerce in general.

The beauty of Amazon is that any person can sell their products on the website. It is a great way for a company with virtually no advertising budget to get exposure. Here is a look at six reasons why everyone should start focusing on ways to sell on Amazon.

Large Number of Customers

As I already alluded to, there is no denying that millions and millions of customers are already on Amazon. Amazon is the most popular online store in the US (according to stats from Statista.com). As of December 2018, Amazon was also the fourth most popular web property in the United States (behind Google, Facebook, and Oath properties). The popularity of Amazon doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Take advantage of this popularity by getting your product in front of Amazon’s large customer base.

No Listing Fees

A lot of different websites out there will charge a listing fee, but it is completely free to post most products on Amazon. A person only has to pay a portion of the sales once they actually start making money. That makes selling on Amazon pretty much a no risk proposition for those starting out.

Easy To Manage

A lot of people love the fact that Amazon is very easy to manage. Compared to eBay and other e-commerce platforms, there is less work that needs to be done to keep a store going. Re-listing items is easier, shipping and handling is easier, and there is even fulfillment by Amazon programs to help with shipping and fulfillment tasks.

Amazon pretty much sets up everything to be as user-friendly as possible, because they understand that if a person makes money, Amazon also makes money. Encouraging growth is going to work in everyone’s favor.

Amazon Prime Opportunities

Amazon Prime Members Agam Berry
Image Courtesy of: https://www.forbes.com/sites/louiscolumbus/2018/03/04/10-charts-that-will-change-your-perspective-of-amazon-primes-growth/#6c1164003fee

Millions of people are Amazon Prime members. This allows for a lot of different perks, but most notably free and faster shipping. There is nothing against a regular seller offering Prime shipping options as well. This has been able to help quite a few businesses achieve additional sales simply by shipping quickly. No one likes to wait for a product they order online, so the quicker they get it, the more satisfied they are.

Boost in Reputation

It can be pretty difficult for a smaller business to figure out a way to build a strong reputation right away. It can sometimes take years of work, and even that might not work out if just one or two bad things happen.

Amazon has a relatively strong reputation, and no one really questions their reputation. Sure, not everyone is a huge fan of Amazon and everything that they stand for, but customers have grown to really embrace shopping on the website.