Three Tips For Writing Evergreen Content

If you’re interested in maximizing the long-term ROI on your content creation, you should invest in evergreen content. Evergreen content is written to be as timeless as possible, allowing it to attract visitors to your site for years after initial publication. SEO algorithms appreciate the staying power of evergreen content as well, providing rankings boosts along with a constant influx of new readers.

That said, producing evergreen content can feel more challenging than writing an average blog post. Here are my three best tips for producing evergreen content.

Avoid Referencing Current Events

Current events such as a recent news story, fashion trends, or concert in your area are great tools for capturing an audience, but their appeal rapidly dries up as the relevant information becomes dated. For example, the 2016 United States Presidential Election was an extremely popular topic in 2016. However, none of those posts hold any residual appeal in 2018. The event that they centered upon is over, never to be repeated again. Thus, those posts were written for short-term profit, not long-term gain.

In general, evergreen posts should provide specific, actionable advice on a given subject matter. “How to” articles and interviews are excellent examples of evergreen content because the advice provided is always valid. Lists of things can also work if they are specific enough. For example, a bakery might keep a list of all of the local restaurants that serve their bread. It would need to be updated periodically to account for new restaurants or existing establishments changing their menu, but these events would be infrequent quick fixes. In general, the list would be a timeless testament to the quality of the establishment’s bread.

This limits what topics you can feasibly talk about in evergreen content. Let’s use my own blog as an example. Regular readers know that I am an avid supporter of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but I could never write an evergreen post about its value. Its price simply fluctuates too much, rendering any current pricing information obsolete.

This does not mean that writing evergreen content about Bitcoin is impossible, just that it cannot focus on current price trends. For example, I published an article titled “How To Get Started Purchasing Cryptocurrency” last year. It didn’t make any mention of then-current pricing information because that would quickly become moot. Instead, I recommended several sites that offer up-to-date pricing information, resources that teach the unchanging basics of how cryptocurrencies work, and my preferred platforms to trade cryptos on. All of these topics are evergreen as long as cryptocurrencies exist in their current form because the fundamentals of what Bitcoin is are unlikely to change in the near future.

Revise Outdated Content To Be Evergreen

Timeless posts aren’t timeless if they get buried in the archive section of your blog, so your site should have a special tab or section pointing new readers in their direction. You can also re-post them periodically to attract new viewers, perhaps changing the format a bit to fit a new platform. For example, adding an image that can be shared on Instagram is a great way for your existing content to attract a new following.

Your evergreen content can also form the base your later posts build upon. If you have an evergreen post explaining the basics of what SEO is, the new post should link to it to prepare readers for the latest insights in that industry.

I often write about India, where I was born. Travel pieces can also be great evergreen posts that can be easily linked back to and built upon. As the country itself develops more and more, I can continue to revise my posts to include and remove destinations as I see fit, which adds relevance and can attract users who are also interested in travel.

Finally, even evergreen content needs to be updated periodically. Make sure that the information you provide is always as accurate as it can be.

Know Your Audience

Evergreen content is generally geared toward an audience that doesn’t know a lot about the topic. The bakery’s list of restaurants above was intended for prospective customers who had not sampled the bread themselves. My article on cryptocurrency was written for a novice crypto investor. This means that you should avoid technical jargon and complex ideas wherever possible, instead breaking down your core concepts so that a beginner can understand them.

On that same wavelength, understand that evergreen content won’t see a lot of activity or interaction from users that are more knowledgeable.

Chances are good that another site will find your breakdowns useful and link to them. This will only help your material reach a broader audience, adding value to your evergreen content.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be producing evergreen content like a pro in no time!