Three Email Marketing Essentials Agam Berry Uses To Increase Conversions

All of the traffic generation you do, whether it’s search engine optimization, Google AdWords, media buys, or mailing solo ads usually only brings a visitor to your site one time. You have one shot to convert them into a buyer or their gone forever. Unless you have an email marketing safety net in place.

Instead of sending all of your traffic to your main sales page, consider sending them to a squeeze page and offer something for free (even just a small video or PDF) in exchange for their opt-in to your email mailing list. This will allow you to send them emails and keep them going back to your offers on multiple occasions.

Once you have a mailing list, Agam Berry stresses that acquisition is simply not enough—you have to actively market to that list and get the back to your money site as often as possible, and convert them to buyers. Here are a few tips he uses to increase your email marketing conversions:

Always Split Test Headlines

No matter how many people are on your list, take a small section of them and send each a different headline before sending to your entire list. If you find the first headline has a 38% open rate while the second headline has a 57% open rate, you would have been seriously damaging yourself had you gone with your first headline straight out of the gate.

Understand Your List’s Email Client

This may surprise you, but a huge portion of your list will probably be opening their email on their phone. On some business email lists, as many as 40%–that’s nearly half—of all subscribers view the email on their mobile device. When you send an email to a client that opens it on a smartphone, the amount of headline space you’re going to have is reduced—keep than in mind with split testing.

This is also key information to how you client makes their next move. If you are sending them to your website but almost half of them are coming from a mobile device, how do you think the conversions will be if your company doesn’t have a mobile or dynamic site in place?

Don’t Poison The Stream

No one wants to be sold to all the time. Actually, no one wants to know they’re being sold to ever. Instead of taking a “buy now!” approach to all of your emails; Agam Berry suggests you go with a content marketing approach instead. Offer high-quality information through your emails so people actually look forward to what you have to say. Your open rates will skyrocket and your conversion rates will do the same.