Six Out-of-the-Box Marketing Hacks That Could Actually Pay Off

Regardless of the kind of business you have, marketing is a vital part of any successful business venture. Marketing is more than just advertising; it is a crucial element in product management and development and strategic planning. When it comes to business success and promotion, familiarizing yourself with these six marketing hacks could have a big payoff: AIDA strategy, content upgrades, webinars, cryptocurrency, viral ideas, and using Facebook marketing.

AIDA and Content

Today, engaging web content is all about meaning and connection. In the past, creating web content was all about appeasing the Google search engines with SEO optimization and keywords. Content on your page/blog/site should be deep, and analysis has shown that longer more in-depth posts are what Google likes, as well as what performs better with your audience. Employing the AIDA strategy is perfect here: capturing ‘A’ttention, building ‘I’nterest, creating ‘D’esire, and call to ‘A’ction. When writing or posting, ask yourself if it does all these things; if it does, it can generate valuable comments and encourage clients to connect with you.

Content Upgrades

We all know the frustration of cruising a page or reading an article only to have a totally unrelated page pop up. This is not only distracting, it causes readers to lost interest completely. Employing content upgrades to create relevant lead magnets is crucial in ensuring that your audience can stay focused on what you are promoting and encourage the desire to further connect.


Webinars are known to be one of the most powerful marketing tools for modern entrepreneurs. When used correctly, they can have a huge impact on audience satisfaction and business leads. For a webinar to be successful, it must be promoted correctly. Insert any webinar links directly in the body of your content, where your audience is already interested and engaged in the content. This will encourage then to act on their interest and can be great for generating business leads.

Accepting Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is defined as a digital asset which can be used as a form of exchange. While still not fully understood by many, most bankers, governments, and companies understand its importance in the digital marketplace. By adding accepting cryptocurrency into your marketing strategy, your business is presenting itself as futuristic and forward-thinking. Being a part of this global phenomenon can set your business apart from others. Accepting cryptocurrency for your business’ products or services opens your product or service up to a new demographic and audience.

Viral Ideas

Brainstorming viral ideas is a fabulous way of creating interesting content. When adding content, think about what is going to elicit a strong emotional reaction. Posts that cause readers to have strong emotions are more likely to be shared: the key to a viral post. Ask some questions about your post. Is it unique? Is it controversial? Is it emotional? Is it funny? (Update 9/20/18: Check out this recent article I was featured in talking about “Selfie Culture” and its impact on viral marketing.)


Facebook is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing hacks. Knowing a Facebook hack or two can be great for your business. Using the “Pages to Watch” feature is a powerful tool when it comes to observing how the most powerful posts and pages perform. You can follow the most popular pages and watch their use of wording and insights, then try employing these strategies on your own page.