My Recent Ventures

I haven’t been very diligent in updating this blog the past couple of years, so I figured now would be a good time to let readers know what I have been up to lately.

Agam Berry remains a highly sought after name in the digital marketing industry, enabling me to do a lot of consulting work from my New York City base. I help younger companies start off on the right track by using my own entrepreneurial experience to steer them away from mistakes I made years ago. One of the most common problems in the direct response field is a lack of focus, so I help inexperienced entrepreneurs stay disciplined as they are launching their businesses.

I also work with the marketing departments of more established companies to increase the efficiency of their paid media advertising. Direct response is a data-driven field, so looking at the numbers is an integral part of the process. Many entrepreneurs get stuck in a mental tunnel, seeing the data they think is there rather than what the numbers actually say. My analytical approach excels at finding the gaps that they may be missing, enabling my clients to make the most out of their marketing budgets.

My Cryptocurrency Work

In addition to my consulting work, I have also been heavily involved with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin over the last few years. These currencies do not have the paperwork associated with them that a bank account does, making them more accessible to the average consumer. I believe that this accessibility will ultimately revolutionize the direct response industry by providing consumers with more options to buy and sell products and services online.

Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin does not exist exclusively as an investment opportunity. They exist to be spent! All Bitcoin transactions consist of three components: the input, amount, and output. The input is the unique Bitcoin address, or account, where the Bitcoins to be transferred originally came from. For example, if Person A is transferring Bitcoins to Person B that A originally received from Person C, Person C’s address serves as the input.

The amount is the number of Bitcoins getting sent. The Bitcoin platform has a minimum transfer amount of 5,430 Satoshis, with one Satoshi equivalent to one millionth of a Bitcoin. This is a smaller amount than a standard American penny, facilitating a broad range of microtransactions involving less money than is possible without cryptocurrencies. Businesses embracing the more dynamic pricing this system allows will earn a competitive advantage over those exclusively using traditional currencies in the near future.

Finally, the output is the unique Bitcoin address of the recipient. Bitcoin transactions must be signed with a private key (password) and then validated by Bitcoin miners before confirmation. With the exception of this key, everything about Bitcoin is public knowledge, allowing interested parties to trace a specific Bitcoin through every account it has ever been in to its origin point. This transparency is sorely lacking in other financial institutions, a fact that I believe will ultimately increase consumer confidence in cryptocurrencies.

My Personal Life

When I’m not consulting or working with cryptocurrencies, I study the game of chess. The game forces players to plan several moves ahead and anticipate their opponent’s next move, skills that I find are easily transferable to the business world. I also enjoy the freedom to travel my digital work affords me, as it allows me to encounter numerous people and experiences I could not with a traditional desk job. Finally, I enjoy reading books that help me improve both personally and professionally. Robin Sharma’s The Greatness Guide is an excellent example of a work I feel improved all aspects of my life.

I’ve recently been featured in numerous interviews and across numerous blogs where I’ve been able to share my industry knowledge and experience. Check out my interviews on sites including: Five Hundo, Inspirey, and Know My Steez.