Interlight: Recapping Their 2019 Merger & Acquisition

Interlight: Recapping Their 2019 Merger & Acquisition

One of the coolest mergers & acquisitions of 2019 I came across was Interlight. It made a wave across the financial industries as one of my favorite mergers & acquisitions in 2019.

In this article, I’ll give a report on this merger & acquisition and do a recap as to what happened to Interlight.


Interlight Light Bulbs is a distributor of specialty lightbulbs and batteries. Their services and products have been offered to big companies, such as Lockheed Martin, NASA, and SpaceX. These products are not your ordinary light bulbs and batteries, they are specific and unique products which is the reason why this company’s merger & acquisition has been a point of interest in the financial industry.

3 Rivers Capital

3 Rivers Capital is an investment firm that has investments across multiple different industries. 3 Rivers Capital has a unique customer base of big corporations and it has acquired Intelight to meet the demand of the market for speciality lightbulbs and batteries it sells to companies like Apple, NASA, SpaceX, as well as medical institutions all over the country.

Jeffry Graham, CEO

Jeffry Graham has years of experience in C-level positions of corporations has been named the CEO of Interlight to bring efficiency and more innovation to the company. Graham’s experience can be helpful in the expansion of Interlight Specialty Light Bulbs into new businesses.


The move comes to ensure that Interlight will be on the path to discover the new potentials of the business. Since they are already in the specialty light bulb business, perhaps Graham’s expertise will come in handy in finding new ways of generating revenue for the company.


The merger & acquisition took place in the summer of 2019. The integration of the companies has already yielded to cost-cutting solutions and improved performance of Interlight. The online distributor has been able to adapt to the new ways of business by 3 Rivers Capital, and as of now, it looks very helpful for the future. If these practices continue, and they improve their product lines and their operation optimization, then Jeffry Graham’s role as the CEO will then really show.

Results as of now

From the first 2 quarters of the acquisition, it looks very hopeful and the efforts of the CEO Jeffry Graham haven’t gone unnoticed. The practices of the company have improved towards more efficiency and cutting unnecessary operational costs which in the long run can prove to be very helpful for both Interlight and 3 Rivers Capital. Keep up with Interlight Light Bulbs by following them on Facebook and Twitter as there is a lot more to learn from these guys.