8 Best Practices For Digital Ad Breakthrough

8 Best Practices For Digital Ad Breakthrough

Optimized digital ads are the key to getting the right attention from customers. With digital banners increasingly seen as spam by Internet users, you want your ads to encourage attention and interaction within the first few seconds of being seen. My years of experience in digital marketing has taught me that there are best practices that come into play when crafting an effective digital ad. Read on to know what these are.

Concise content

Banners can be used to contain valuable product information but they have to be simple and concise. Most people give banner ads about 3 seconds of attention before they click the Close button, so make your content count. Better yet, count your words. The ideal word count for banner ads is 5-10 words, so keep it short.

Sharp call to action

Your call to action or CTA should be one of the most optimized elements in your ad. Be crystal clear about what you want users to do. Do you want them to “Click to Sign Up,” “Get Started Today,” or “Try It for Free”? All these are simple, easy to understand, and very clear about what you want the reader to do.

Quality images

Use eye-catching, high-quality images that will not distort when viewed on larger screens. A higher-resolution also translates to quality and substance and is likely to draw more interest.

Defined structure

Make sure that the ad is distinguishable from the rest of the web page by using clearly defined borders, colors, and graphics. It is also important to optimize the arrangement of your elements inside the banner. Ensure that the value proposition and the CTA are the most prominent, with your logo somewhere along the edges.


Craft your ad so that it resonates with your target audience. Users are easily attracted to ads that personally speak to them. Fonts, texts, graphics, the choice of image, and even colors can be used to speak to your target demographic.


A consistent image through different ads creates an overall impression of what the brand is all about. Sticking to one type of layout, the same fonts, or similar images can help you achieve brand recognition and easier ad-product association.

Scaling and flexibility

How your digital banners are shown across different devices can affect how people respond to them. This is the reason why ad sizing should be flexible. Take a page out of Google’s playbook by opting for the most popular sizes for leaderboards and banners (the medium rectangle, large rectangle, and the leaderboard).

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No spelling errors

This is easy to overlook because ads don’t rely on lengthy and wordy copy. However, spelling errors can still happen even if you are dealing with a maximum of 10 words. Proofread and spellcheck before publishing any ad.

Digital display ads when done properly are useful tools that can help you meet your business goals. Boost brand recognition, get your product out there and capture your target audience’s attention with these practices.

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