5 SEO Trends We Are Seeing In 2018

There is an indisputable fact about the modern world: it is a digital one. From the emergence and growth of digital currencies to the formation and growth of the digital marketplace, the digitization of life is here to stay. As an online presence has become a crucial aspect of any successful business venture and marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the hot-button topics of 2018. SEO integrates many processes such as page ranking by search engines, search engine response pages, driving traffic, keywords, and how that traffic interacts with the page. Below are five SEO trends predicted to grow in 2018.

1) A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Online interactions have been moving steadily towards becoming more visual for quite some time now. The success of podcasts, webinars, and video links attest to the palpable nature of the visual narrative. As more people turn to the Internet to find out information or to shop, the public seeks more engagement from their online experience, and this is revealed in the way image-related posts perform as web content and on social media platforms. The prediction is that search engines will evolve in their response to visual posts, as well as in their ranking.

2) Knowledge Graph

As the pace of life never seems to slow down, Internet users are looking for more time-friendly means of finding answers to their questions. Google seems to be moving away from the snippet-type answers to users’ queries and is moving more towards knowledge graph boxes. Google uses its knowledge graph to connect information, and what that means for searchers is results that are more concise, consistent, specific, and relevant. A prediction for 2018 is that Google’s Knowledge Graph will dominate in how results are generated and received by the searcher.

3) The Rise of Voice Search

With the sharp rise of smart speaker sales in 2017 comes the prediction that 2018 will see a spike in search engine interactions via voice. As these speakers are voice-activated, the search results are spoken, and the searcher hears the results, rather than reading it on a screen. An understandable result of this would be a change in query types, causing businesses to rethink their search engine results pages (SERPs).

4) More Search Engines

While Google is by far the most widely-used search engine worldwide, many companies in 2018 are looking for ranking space outside of the Google powerhouse. Smaller search engines like Amazon and Yelp are gaining in popularity, suggesting that 2018 could see some of the smaller search engines enjoy a boost in favor.

5) Customized Search Results

Producing more personalized search results for users has been on Google’s platform for years. Through personal search histories and browser cookies, the rise of smart speakers, and the growing ingenuity of technology, SERPs are predicted to become more and more customizable in 2018.

As we move further into 2018, it will be fascinating to see where the world of SEO and web marketing takes us.